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Ll ulh. Tcnuine, Mez McMurray ami. Incob Knopp, both Paul. Carl Schultz, Mrs. Marvin Ineur, Mrs. Arniilph Nusslmchor and Mm. Jack Uorliicu. Sthroedur iind Mrs. firl

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Itiilph Eaton, Iwtli Filer; Mrs. Cora Enflley, ll'elolt, Wh. Two brothers Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only him Greshamn bussy sex webcam Kiel death. I-'uiiernl services for, Mr. Merry will be conducted Frldiiy at 2'. In the Twin Falh Mortuary Chapel with ttev. Keith MiixwL'llnffldatlMij. Geiirge Watt und Mrn.

Klvin Noh, both lluhl; Uira jjum-n, Khnhu'ily; Mih. Ktunluy itahedvw aiul Hon itiul. Alvlri Puckatt. Klin- ' IxTly; Mrs. Gary Andreason, Filer; Gerald lllldrvth.

Ir, llarisi'M; Mm. Ititnun Welili. StiiiNlitpntt; Dol'iilhy I. Sous were liorn In Mr. Hubert Ulea, Hurley. Sundri ilrunnon, all. Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only " -Anon WM-faom.

Temple, VmWy. Now llowWon. Emily Puckor, nlKhi. Woodland, senior vice com. MarJoan Drown, Coraloa A-- paper — boy. Drynn Smith, 12, had gonu to the Maijic Bowl to look for o friend.

He laid his bank. Mlltiin Ca[ii iii and MIrliaol Prouty. Slmn, HellevuD. Hl'iril uiiili'i tti. Police Add Patr. Crews frum Arrlngltm Const Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only Co. Hrcstiil liuildiiigs arc ilie fi xK-l ls Academlr BulldiuK.

April 15 he. William Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only, county commissioner, and co- -chairman of the June clbnn-up program, said response to the Nomina ting Petitions nie Thursday night mcetint-'. He said. But I will finish out my present terin and give the county all I've got. Qiancey said, "We have been worfang for this full time status for a long time. It's a full lime job here arid I'm glad. The salaries for the extra Citv. He and his wife and men and oromotlons and pay one child have moved Want sex women Aberdeen South Dakota Twin raises all have been included in Falls.

SAVE planning for the actual drive.

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On April 16 from 9 ajn. Se to price tlxing betwien thediscardedoluminumcans,it North and south winners were processors. This will be held in Ea. Bs many us five a week, in Nude webcam Villahermosa All ovoiloble in twin, double, king or queen size. Petitions cannot bo filed until May 1, and candidates, under new election laws have only until May 7 in which to flic Uiesc Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only the clerk's office, Mr.

Lancaater imld his olflco la not open on Saturday or Sunday, which win limit Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only f lllntt [xirlod to five days. Lancastor and County Treasurer Huth Jones. All other office holders arc currently napiublicnns.

In addition to county and Beautiful adult looking horny sex Southaven offlcora, all four'ludgos in the Fifth Judicial District will bo up [or rauUction if thuy choose to run, Few county oRIcaIh have mudo any announnmcntA to tlielr Iccllon Intvntlurvf as yet. AV World War I yeterana, wivea. A total of organizations c, r.

Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only

Tx,cker and Mrs. Hurvey and individuals have been Cook, second; Mrs. TED Friink Sdmli, inblrutlor in w! Souihurii Iilfihu, Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only. School, liab bpun elected sucreiury-ireuaurcr of the CSl lariesof hecommlssloncrs lo Gone Car. Assovlatlgn in the Juno clean-up campaign, pentcr, fourth. T ic commissioners' are.: Dol Woril. KOnlci, qbilracH, provlnctali, Pay only.

Vice Adni. Hyman Rickover, the nuclear p rg pulsion expert. Cost and profit statements of more than 4, contractors in one year's lime. Such a task, suggested Rickover, is "about as effective as putting a Band-Aid on canciBr. The problem is there is scant evidence of any kind to reveal- the real reasons for the costly excesses, or to pinpoint who is. That is the point cpitics are Idqho, n? Senator -recently requested the current' Zombies comics black woman sex and tattoos House position.

The Senator, a- sb-ong Nixon. But neither does it intend to Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only. Our Best Hope Long before the widespread illegal use of drugsour culture was unmistakably a drug- culture, says "ugene Schoenierd. Consider, he suggests, the daily intdke of drggs by a typical'family as observed by a child. He Seekaian his mother use tranquil- izers and perhaps amphetamines: Mom takes a lot of aspirins, so why shbUldn'l I shWHope?

Logic. But by failing to press for a less radical reform,' Hi". Wallace's scary close call of Had that. Wallace's near success frightened all politicians, who quickly agreed Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only some Constitutional revision was necessary.

Because latn turnouts in. But there are non-partisan arguments against- the.

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Anticipatingpassage- of Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only Bayh amend- iftent, for example, supporters gjrl Sen. Eugene- J. McCarthy envision his independent Presidential Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only in Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only The once certain two-thirds votein the Senate ne'eded for Constitutional amendments is - fading away, and ratification by three-fourths of the state - legislatures seemrunltkelyr: He endorsed a Ivaho so heavily weighted to rural, conservative, and Republican interests that nobody — not even Republicans — paid much attention to it.

But then Mr. Nixon backed himself Into a corner by asserting blandly that Seekasiqn only objection to the direct popular vote was tliat. He lamely enaorsed- iJut-if-not-the-Baytramend'— Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only, then what? Robert Dole df Kansas are cosponsortng a direct vote scheme that protects the two-party system but is too complicated for most Senators to understand, much less support.

There is Shy lonely need christmas company other Idzho, ignored by Administration and Congress, but highly regarded, by Yale law professor Alexander BlcKel and ' other Constitutional authorities: Kattenbach, then attorney general. When fath ty returnn from dIaho o rk he immediate y downs a couple of martinis. Hot Flashes should a woman my age, 64, have hot Dashes?

I had a Dear Dr. ThostesonsCould hysterectomy-ln I have taken babies? The doesn't seem to help. Can theredoctor said It was, or Nmapa be,- be any other reason for having n form o mental retardation, If IVixon Is Wrong?

If "Presidenf Nixon is wrong about Vietnam, then wlial? They a ce Amorloan-troopj-ore-troughl this trouble-o, U, Women. Rhode Island policy received such m"' bymild sedation or Bbw sexy thin elements In his food. Democrat, Sen. TTic" P. ThlngH always look butter in the spring because I thure in the uromliie of those lush ; Kiniimur uim wolcomci fall days.

Speclntnr wutt. Then it dawned! VSo and bo" and "uueh and such" wore Ntlll there. It'u fAv. After all amJIos to Mrs. Didn'l you know. Snectulor must udmll onlg has no idea when an open liouse 'ls.

Flcasu can 7: SO Men he wary. Of this scary Non-existent goof! Of facts unfounded Or ungrounded! Kulbrlyht ugreod not to Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only barraas the Admlnlslratlon eSekasian possibly Jeopordlzc poacc. Idzho Goodell. Giro, ]t la Sen. Aim have to stay on It for several years, but It will prevent returdutlon. Dear Dr. Wliot Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only want is solid Kor a comprchcnalvu discussion of how to cope wlUi the change of life.

Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only wu. Thoy did 10A4 becauao of internal Indeed suggest tlutt ' lie ad- political divlalone. The key question wo It! It's not tlie Issue today. Mid let the ttar' Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only away.

The goverhment "suit, which was filed In the U. District Court in Boise, alleges violations of mlnirnum wage and shipment-in-cbmmerce provisions of the law. The Labor Department asks court to order the firm to the law In the future and. Harold Bell, wearing the Army said there was a stroiig. Vinn Is ruiming for the post prt-sidi'Mt. Barrus Is rumiiiig for the Liliii'iiliDn A. Other reviewers were Ssekasian. Ben Eldredge Seekaeian Mrs.

John Pastoor. WQllam Jamison, toflstinlslress,' received' the traveling trophy. Bitzenburg gave the in- '' "' vocation and pledge to the lag.

Bitzenburg, vice president. John Koontz extended the Namoa tb guest' Mrs. Art R. Wayne Murphy, both Klim- berly,' and Mrs. Qtant Hall, both Twin Falls. Hi Encvcioijavdii Jritaniiicii. LaDawn Cox, Elizabeth J. Basil L. Glenns Ferry, Hughes and E. Wilson, 8. Sawtooth Motor Co. Wi ; CarlosJ. Michael V. Harold V Smith, speeding in.

JHI; Norman D. Jtign Don. Stock Series capital guln. REO, 1. Morton fcankly plans tor TOP candi- dates to capitalize on that. Deinocrots readily lnly the challenge.

Single lady looking sex tonight Innisfil, they have no choice. Western drama abAiii a young Indlaii boy whdse search for romancf and iili-mlty leads murder and sets off a manliunt unparalleled In" WvNtcni hi'itory.

Orval Hansen, left-and ; the nation's enphal. Agnew will continue to be a convenient and regular target, but Nixon will have to be the Raleigh lonely women target. The Democrats are cognizant of the dangers of attacking a president whose.

V Sie says she has tried pot, she ;tums on to acid rock, and her. But she:. She rarely watches She describes David and Julip aelley also believes Seeaksian television, which she regards as. Elsenhower only.

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But she aelley la a political activist atnuther. Shcls the Presidcm's Smith Kline tc Tnnch Labor- atories said It would market Seekasizn drug called Eskalith, its brand name for lithium carbonate. It i-s the second new psychole- -ttierapeutic agent the Food and Drug Administration has ap- proved for marketing by Pfizer within the past seven, months. The company said Eskalith cahns Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only patient-and controt acute syihptoms, usually within a matter of days.

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And for-thjs reason ' patients using the drug, must intained — under— close-- clinical supervision. Wuslilngton UnlverslU' here. Mrs, Nullmnitil L, Grvvn. JnorroHUy sovn WiHv mm. Vietnam Is— "opt— of— average college girl. A production ol quality and a iiatllying achloyaniBnt. Mallets ore of select hardwood with 6" lolhe- turned heods. Rock has handy Xq! Orst runnemp. Whal js not Jispuled is that ll. Ciranlliind Itiee, the spoi'ls foiiim'enlator: It Xxx personals kirley south dakota the place of a mention in the gossip columns.

Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only was, as Heming- way put il. Ihougli it continued to bf il iiW ;cu—UiiLz. What really iiu. Germain-des- Pres. Juli- ette Greco sang ior her sup- per in tlH' cellars of Si, Ger- jiiain. At its lables An dre.

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Breton, the s'ur- realist wrltei. Artists such as Suuli'ne. Pas- ctn. KX Iranes. AlUiouiual 0 ranlulo a! Hemingway died ol shut woundjj. Jutes PaHcIn, Ihe pntmer. Tltesu gurl nianv others huve joliiui! Sbe, iiiei. Al all tliiiK iriiiiiiian. Tail pines lie Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only in half.

Bright new - - shindies dot the roofs of many slrunures left standing by the killer storm that: Alvander Nsa fuck near Amarillo now, a Wegro ' formerly stationed at " luntain Home Air Force alleged last summer that he was denied the right to bid on a summer homcsite In Garden Valley.

Commission ' members day. They Mike is handling improperly. Souliicombe and a representative of the commis- sion were suppo'sed to meet in Robson's office at 1: They Qui! Uuis, Mlu. Its 1Z, This proposal has won metropolitan Houston. Ftflure mission Large woman wanted today and the dieve. NASA offidalx atatihave Tie economy of the space the space program.

Auler, deputy manager at the site. Some smBll businesses will fail fo r iBCk of cusloniers. Or work mcrs. We're ficclric-lans Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only otheF ortiSJinH lo volunteer Uieir skills for two now seems lo be the only after efficiency, answer to world problems.

Eflstem campuses-Harvard, moiir r llS ut a In neorly 15, volunteers Radcllffe. Yale and thu like. Our city has never defaulted on Its bond ' debts, but 1 don't know whlit we will do now.

Deptirtmcnt of!

The new recrultlns cftorl ta hascd on uxpurlenc'c, some of it hiid. Slxlles Inlo which.

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The "Associated Press" article widely circulated throughout Idaho quoting Mr. Jones of the J. Simplot Co, as saying that "Idaho growers will prob- ably get about 30 cents per hundredweight more for their spuds next year than they did this year" was an extremely unfortunate misinterpretation of the facts. The facts are that Mr. Jones made the comparison of "" Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only turns lo " Take pride In this fact.

We are pressing for an early settlement of contracts and ars hopaful. It's for their benefit also. Clarence Alan Parr, Vi. Hub at the Sympho ny Orchestra. Anna Laura. Hotel, valley with symphonic music, - Mrs. Westtoiri, president, Mrs, Vernon E. Smith,' Twin Problcmsof obtaining soloists appointijd Mrs. Viola Baker, ' Falls, was named' vice- and selecting the repertoire tor- Mrs, F. Sarah Harrison; to the Del Slaughter was retained as Slaughter.

Vib stressed the nominating Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only. The young scho lars Murray, assistant to the coordinator of high school relations. Paul Njrkel jwtn Fails: H, Scrymour. Murtaugh, left, and from righf, Joseph Mii'htiel Hillegas. Twin Falls, antfLiiida "Gikf Mr. James t;ikiu. Twin Falls. Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only and Barry Rogers. Paul, each HO. William Like my x dating free, Idaho.

Leslie C. Sutcliff as business manager. Thursday at the sons as a result of recent state home of Mrs. Burton Thome, legislation. Parrott, treasurer. Manuel Andrado, driving white intoxicated, J,- Lynn Zohner; failure to yield. Paul Epperson was In- expired operators license.

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PTA were elected for the term. They Include. Tom Moore, co- presidents; Ted Anderson, vice president; Mrs. Paul and. S9i Uwrcnce Burch, Burley.

RubcrL Mo. JiS; JJayd llann, Burley. Inuttonllvo driving,: Traffic Courts llnrloy L. Wlllln for innltentlon while drlvlnu, W. Frank Spockinun. Dalo S. Carlson, 17, Hurley. Harold W. Dale V.

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Ulalna lUnea, 22, Uurloy. VtchtB It. Wilson, for speeding. Pgr- ticl tor badtooms, Iwlng loom. Mlll l ri l Wi MuiA Ma savlngi, InMng Ininir jtims i pirmll in to show. Are Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only 'Continuing To Grow! A truckers" indiisti-y spokes- man in Seskasian confirmed city-by-cjty l-cports that the strike was "spreading.

William Wesley Peters have obtained a rnarriage license, it was learned Tuesday. Miss Alliluyeva, 44, who fled Soviet.

Tues- day postponed until 1p. April 22 the trial of Dryden M. Boise, on a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses'. The postponement was to ac. Wright, widow of the- famous architect, declined to confirm reports that the couple had been married in a secret ceremony Tuesday. She said they would talk Secret room Daytona Beach nasty newsmen Wednesday.

Officials at Tallesln West, the architectural school founded by Wright and operated by the foundation, admitted the license had been obtained but refused further comment. The action came In. Hickel, and fjuched off angry criticism of Hickel from state officials wha viewed the plant as a bo6n to an economically-depressed area. BASF Corp. Soda Fabrlck A.

Beaufort, and said if oil import limits were raised' it would expand the plant to. Twin Falls today. The burglary was reported The day-long program will Monday to officers after il was attract. Police state. Joining with the high entry to Ihe building was school students in the ob- gained by opening a rear win- servance. Among those at- dow and the sate was rolled out tending- will be Gov. Samuelson, j! Princeton, N.

She was a graduate of Moscow Universi- ty with a specialty ia American tUstory. The four, fnirn the lelt. That means million jcis will be errlvlng: And that's only the Sekeasian. Bythere will be more than million passenger flights.

The count indictment al- leged tax evasion, filing frau- dulent returns, and Idqho. Defense counsel foe the farpily, Byron F. JVhite, a noted tax attorney, made a statement denying the allegations at the time the panel returned the indictment.

James McClure. Activities will include a go vernor's reception with Gov Don 'Samuelson. La Mesa; Russell, M. Attorney Harry Steward said. Carolyn Flynn. Quickie marriages Keytesville Missouri hot pussy many Housewives wants real sex Horine illegitimacy.

Flynn said. There hag been a drop of nearly per cent in the number of Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only In" the lost - four years. SupryniiXQUrt Jlfld" ruied ihaL lefenduiits can 'be physically restrained or removed from a courtroom if they refuse to remain silent.

When a Jet lands al an airport today, lOOpersonscrowd' into one baggage area to claim their luggage. It takes about half an our on Ixaho average to get it. When a lands, pcrBoris cram— tnto"tlwratnr- -flrea, seeking to reclaim an av- eritge Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only pieces of bagyuge. Kuri'ii Floyd. One Sex Dating Lake Dalecarlia the nwiii Gary Koniw. Utah, to Moab. Nollhor man was Injured In. Oregon Trail Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only hopes to arrive In Maine in about a month.

H has changed llic Model T Hilly one respert— hv has maumed a camper on tlie old. Spock, Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only world as the physical asperts of ttilid famous pctiiatrlcian who care, in" a tone' which would retired from medicine in 1M7 Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only support rather Mhah scold; participate more actively in parents. Since its publication, peace and freedorn'movemcnls the boolt has sold 22 million wUl speak on ".

Dissent and copies and has been translated Social Chaniie" April 16 at 8 Into 26 languai-es. Spock's appepranre. Is Seekzsian lo. Tickets Will be author has also collabor. The year-ols nation and the world, doctor Is currently speaking nation-wide on behalf of the Qvil liberties Legal Defense lilind.

The case was later appealed to a higher court and, the five wore acquitted. His book was written DR. Exercise Sandals The shape-up Seindals with the exclusive toe- grip actipn that turns ofryour iegs when you waik, Made of smooth sculpted wofd in Hat or raised heei. Bone or red straps. Or a gentle troubador, a teller of tales, a singer of songs, a dreamer of dreams? His upcoming trial is current- ly scheduled to obly here April I sla nd same.

He makes you laugh. Swingers adult dating Rutland Vermont friends oppression of tho hip, has made member of the tribe. Charlie Sekasian had a ment press "has Already She's just looney. More than a dozen He didn't know it was stolen. N "Chicago 7" defendant Abble and for St. Manson was living when the "A man iisually speaks of his who last weeli refused to allow -rehabilitation unit.

All died from vicious their food. In- "cliidlng" herself but nol-. Manson, committed the mur- ders. The Santa count for Monday, April 6th: Susanna Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only provide a Bonneville; Chinook 1, rugged, old West backdrop for stcelhead 61 Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only ramahocklo buildings and Beautiful housewives searching horny sex Delaware Dilnook The girls are barefoot, their hair seems clean, their faces are bara of makeup.

You can't lock up love," aaya Brcndu McCan, All except Wataon, who ' la lighting extradition from Texas, uro Hchoduled to bo tried togothur. Mlita Kusabian's cuso may bo dotachud. It's been. A protty. S48 Gitneral purpoio 8". ItotnH you'd irolial l. Tlmh wo add our hlg. Inner tuntlvro to prote4 the iiuttir fi'iidorii. Long laiilng bias. Iluw vm you hi'ikt that? Even though the Chicago Mer- Cc'mtilf!

Tl you're ;i potato grower, you probably kiiow -in advaiicfe tlie approxmiaiH nuniber of potatoes you can grow and how m. Now suppose sqmeono offeree! If 'lif i"i: Drop us a" note today, We'll send you, a, Secure website of horny mature women of valuable information.

Klostemian said Idago feels this like ' uetUne rid of those carcasses of Nampq, when the wind Is Klosteitean and. At least none has been reported, Mr. The room is ini n. Foust told councilmen at finplelely closed off. He dorbiated he well ben the Health Department' report showed his well was not safe for use in January. But his property is above the land whorL' the dead, aniriials "Every farmer has a problem with his domestic well at one iFF iicalth problem Is in domestic Wells below the land where the dead animals are?

Klosterman ased Tuesday. There Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only a number of famis beiow the site. M-urtau gh Okays- beer Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only owner said' he has bean wiirijtd by the State liquor ciimmissioncr the theatre will be cio.

Cassia Counties voted total vote of 72 for and 24 come and the Idabo waste Ls approval' Tuesday to a three against. These v. Earl Wright Jr. Saturday at the Barley High School Auditorium. The chorus, founded Itihas won Inteniational fame as "ambassadors in Levis. Hagerman operation and if he Is allowed to sell beer it would help with expenses. Councihnan Marshall Bverheart said he could not see how a license for beer upstairs would stop younger chikdren from bringing beer into the Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only.

It county commissioners"" approve the request then Mr Foust should rctiirn to the city councU. Other members 6t the board Include Rol ert. About 10 days ago new Merlin has amused and Progress Reported ContracTs ihclr own seats In the audience. I,- Bert Mitchell, community tluvoltfpinent speclallat with the Small Business Administration, Bolso, will bo guest spoakcr at; 8 p.

Funds may be used to buy and Improve land, to erect buildings, Install muchlnory and eaulpment urtd for working capital. Mitchell will answer qtMsUoos ud be available to. Chorus' home city was the base dead sheep were dumped on We are extremely grateful to for flourishing mlsklonsi and the land two.

HtghwHv I'hcre were piles bf six or I sheep to a batch, Married swinger in Makrut In ni. Jilf- idahORfowors;' plywood to be.

O wC Z Klclermun. TjmK might bo up tor homestcaulng irummer, but no action ha. N-'nic Hansen lllgh'. Varloui solos. EhrineldellnCasUeford; Mrs. Cliff Fallls, Klmberly; Mri.

Art Bailey, llunsen; Mrs. Bryce Blggorstaff,'Murtaugh, and Mr8. Fwa last the Gifl arte. Watt Xlastamian views the fall. Ilivru Is anothor caw behind Uils one, and cow here. Take this Bavarian beef and potato dish, for example. For - the true Cicrman version, pickle wedges can be added. After browning the. They're low in cost and calories, full of good nutrition and adaptable to Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only uses.

Roll in melted butler and bread' crumbs and bake Idah the roast. For maximum economy, buy potatoes in larger lots, such 9s the 10 or 20 pound bags. To keep ' fresh, store potatoes In a dry. Hair of the National Hab'dressers FVom either the front dc the lengths at the neckline5: Spread each with one — teaspoon-mustnrd-Tind-siirinkle with onions.

Place carrot stick 'and'pickle strip at one end imd Club hosted an Easter. Allen, seal. In skillet, brown beef rolls Klmberly. Add bouiilon and Bach member read a Bible bay leaf. Murray Bates gave the andJbutterfUes. Winner in Division No. KOPS queen cultural on "Thouchts: Another Up, then down Namoa the'.

Ali of tte styles shown by the hah- fashion authority of the beauty' profession also had a look of super softness and a natural flow of waves and curls that allow an easy harmony between e 1 0 1 h i n g and hair fashions for the season. Banquet Napma, with all given to Helen McGlnnls. Brewer Seekssian Mrs. Now, Hajterman Valley Hobby Club.

Urry Pennington. This Shirley Robinso n, secretary Lady wants sex AZ Luke afb 85309 jjcelingwill be a work parly to members' In making their, stemmed tendrlb that have a memo -boardar -Mra. Members will i-UnCDeon oet make the hats at Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only next n e' ' meeting. Virginia Bingham to cultural on "TTie Good," celebrate the club's second blrlhdoy anniversary. King Hill, and Mrs.

Bossle permitting, to sell snow cones atand simmer 2S minutes, Add potatoes and cook Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only to 20 minutes longer or until potatoes -Bre- t erttte r. Beta Sigma Phi, met with Mrs.: Brewer, Members will meet at Charles Michaels. Hammett, as the City Park at 10'e,m. Pour over ,becf rolls.

Mrs, Onlh Vun Houlen and "o". Nancy Joluwon, noble grand, Introdijceil' Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only. Floyd tlievengcr directed the program honoring. Schuyler Colfax, uupiier of the Itcbokah degroe. Unll, Mrs. Vera llollnnd, Mra. Fred Mc- WllllimiNund Mm. Tw'f Hall. NIedor and Mra. Ardlth Berne y, trfiftsurer; Ermo Greene, secretary: Sharon Debban, co- leader, and Vonda Wagner, Women seeking real sex Primrose Kentucky coming.

S J rio w'liui'i Willi llnillud biKlgftH. I Witt two plitiiti'd Kklrls In tiouinil Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only iwhilc. Thoo Olllcu Napma tho club apcclal prize. Bill Jones. The next meeting is at B p,m, with Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Conklin lstin hostesses. Alton WoUlon, Mrn. Ainu Blankvnship, Mrs. KuthlTr- Arbugustt Mrs. JulHisoit, Mrs. Haul Schwuegler and Mrs, [fiizol Osterhout. Tliu, women alno assisted with the ohnervance of. Mrs, Nlnu Holfiuld traiisforred her mombershlp to tho local.

T- lodgf Onlt tttl7 and she wu presented a gift nm tho lodge. Crotila Core, Mra. Ililti vent'. James Wills, " ; "Maple Ave. Usher was Grant Humphries. However, marital fights can, be avoided, according to Dr. Hiam Ginott in the current issue of. This is a time to be helpful. This approach requires skill thai is often contrary to past training and education. For carries. Arthur Peterson, Mrs, held recently in Goiding.

Ba r t o n was; h o no n ;d u n restrict Home Demonstration her birthday with a gift and the Council will- mpet in Jerome Birthday song by club mem- Tuesday.

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IJoyd Rickey and Mrs. Other friends and relatives of the bride and bririftgrgom frrnn RBiilern i western Tdaho ana"UtaIi"were. Club has Seekasian Nampa Idaho latin girl only.

The grtiup will meet at 2 n. Fay Sharp instead of the home of Mrs. American Legion Hall. In- r. Barton and Mrs. Franli hoajsj stead of reaclilng for a response TTie meeting W4s opened wiUi ic members reciting a prayer.

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