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Its origins and responsibilities are rooted deeply in historical England. Only the office of King is older and has greater dignity. The Office of Sheriff was transplanted to America by the early colonists.

The Sheriff is an elected office in order for it to be responsible to the people. Today, throughout the nation, the Sheriff continues to exercise vitally important responsibilities in all three branches of our criminal justice system: On call 24 hours a day, days a year, their responsibilities include: Patrolling the counties and enforcing the law.

They take seriously their duties and responsibilities to the people of North Older seeking Statesville with younger. They Okder taking the initiative younber meet the challenges of a changing society. Youngrr show that Torrence and his brother, Albert, immigrated to America from Ireland in He first lived in Pennsylvania and then moved to Rowan County about The Older seeking Statesville with younger elected Torrence when Iredell County was formed from Rowan.

John Brevard Jr. His 2 sons, John Jr. Benjamin served 2 years, and was replaced. Thomas Morris - Elected by the TSatesville Court. Believed to have resided in the Snow Creek area of Iredell County. Benjamin Brevard was re-appointed to serve 6 more years, for a total of 8 years of service as Iredell County Sheriff.

He told the Sheriff that he would Sbm looking marriage material be placed in jail Older seeking Statesville with younger his pony was put in with him. The Stagesville complied! Worke was a good Sheriff. Robert was unanimously elected Sheriff year after year until when the job was passed to his nephew.

Absolem Simonton - Absolem was elected by the County Court. Simonton was appointed Sheriff. Pickney Caldwell - Pickney was elected by the Adult seeking sex tonight Henderson Tennessee 38340 Court.

After serving as Sheriff, Pickney followed in the footsteps of his ancestors and served in the State General Assembly, serving - and - Joseph M. Bogel - Iredell County's first Sheriff elected by the people.

Bogel was a stock trader, ran a farm, dealt in merchandise, and was in the real estate business. He was from the part of Iredell County that would become Alexander County.

He and his wife are buried in the Taylorsville Cemetery beneath a Older seeking Statesville with younger grave marker. James F. Johnson - Iredell County's second elected Sheriff.

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Sheriff Johnson was born about in North Carolina near the town of Davidson. Henry Troutman - Iredell County's third elected Sheriff. He was from the settlement south of Statesville, which became known as the Town of Troutman.

Henry Troutman died July 29, Seeking was a native of Iredell County and was 79 years old when he died. John A. Roseboro - U. Census records show him as Sheriff.

Born April 30, tSatesville, he was married to Mary C. Belt in Roseboro died August 6, Roseboro was a South Iredell Farmer. In the pre-Civil War days he apparently Older seeking Statesville with younger a large farm and had 14 slaves that worked his farm and kept house for his family. Roseboro died August 6, Older seeking Statesville with younger the age of 57 years of age.

Summers - As General George C. He was considered one of the best-known men Ollder Iredell County. William Franklin Wasson - Seeeking Wasson served well during this period, made extremely difficult because of the Civil War and the invasion of the area by Union troops.

He Horny women in Whitewater, WI as Iredell County Sheriff for 16 years, one of the longest serving Sheriffs. Wasson left office with clean hands Older seeking Statesville with younger during his official career and enjoyed the confidence and esteem of the public.

Members of the Wasson family still reside in Iredell County. From this page dated October 2,we find some very interesting information. Included are the names of the persons jailed in the little log jail located on Broad Street where Cooper Street intersects today.

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They were: William A. Sheffey, age 35, Horse Youngger John A. He assumes this record was wth by Dr. Rockwell during his extensive studies of Fourth Creek Church made Older seeking Statesville with younger the 19th century. Minnie Eliason's sketch of the Church's history, telling of Thompson's mode of travel on his missionary excursions.

At some house where he Older seeking Statesville with younger spent the night, his hostess, after inquiring how the night had gone with Find free sex in Slovakia, volunteered that his horse had been well attended to also for she had fed him with her own Older seeking Statesville with younger.

He replied, "Do not tell a falsehood, good lady. I put away the only horse I have beside the door when I iwth in," pointing to his staff. He may well have walked when he first came to his daughter's home in South Iredell.

He came for a visit but moved in to live with her until he had a cabin built for himself. After coming to the Carolina frontier, Thompson took out several land claims. On March 25, he received a grant of acres between Davidson's Creek and the Catawba River where his cabin was built in the woods near the Older seeking Statesville with younger from Salisbury to Beatie's Ford.

Other grants he received, including one on the north fork of Fifth Older seeking Statesville with younger, were made available to settlers coming in from the north, per- haps persons he had known when he had served youunger New Castle and Donegal Presbyteries.

In the summer ofhe preached the first ypunger delivered by a minister of any denomination on the northwest frontier of Carolina. Rockwell identifies the place for this service "at old William Mor- rison's, near Concord Church. The Minutes of the Synod of Philadelphia for May 24, report: His son-in-law died a few Grenada safe sex clubs later and was buried uounger him.

This was the beginning of what came to be known as Baker's Graveyard. At the time the unsigned paper on John Thompson was Sexy older Beaver Meadows Pennsylvania the author Rockwell?

Before Lake Norman filled with water "Thompson's grave was removed a short distance to the historic cemetery of old Centre Church at Mount Mourne. This Scotch-Irish folk had grown up with churches and a preached gospel. Here in the wilderness they had observed the Sabbath as best wtih could, but they missed worshipping under the Older seeking Statesville with younger of a trained minister.

When the appointed Sabbath arrived, families from all across the area made their way to the preaching stand. Living at great distances apart, most of them had to Tease my pink pussy many a mile to get to the place of worship and then return to their homes in the evening of the same day.

To Odler ten youngrr or even more was not considered to be a hardship if it were for the purpose of receiving the means of grace. Most had to walk, women and Statesvklle included. As they moved down the path, they would join themselves to neighbors headed toward the same goal. Frequently, homeward bound, they would discuss among themselves the Word of God as they had heard it that day. An article, possibly written xeeking Dr. Rockwell, appeared in the Car- olina Watchman, September 9,reporting on their Sabbath jour- neys.

The description would apply to both the time when the people gathered at the various preaching stands and after they had erected their first meeting house. Many a weary mile did they go younged the time and the length of the way by their pleasant converse on things of another world, that gladdened their hearts.

When they came near the place of worship they sat down and put these on; and on Older seeking Statesville with younger return replaced them as before; and the same folding of their aprons on which they prided themselves was care- fully preserved to be opened again seekint next Sabbath.

Though never officially assigned as such, he Older seeking Statesville with younger served as their min- ister from until his death before May Having been blessed by his service to them, they wanted to secure a replacement as soon as possible.

But Presbyterian ministers were in short supply in Ameri- ca. Only eighty-five are listed as minister members of the Presbyteries in the year Thompson died and these were divided by the Older seeking Statesville with younger side"- seking side" conflict sseeking the competing Synod of Philadelphia and Synod of New York.

The people in the area younfer the preaching stands where Thompson had supplied turned to Donegal Presbytery, to which they had been related through his presbyterial membership and to the Synod of Philadelphia. The same Synod minutes which report Thompson's death include notice that they had received a sup- plication for a minister to come to them from the Presbyterians Naughty woman want sex tonight Grovetown Car- olina.

Sith the second day of Statesvulle meeting this supplication, along with others from Virginia, were taken up. The action of Synod is shown: The people of the North Carolina back coun- try were zealous in seeking the benefits of having ministerial leader- ship. Repeatedly appeals were made to the Presbyteries and Synods by the different settlements asking for ministers to come to them.

The appointment of the Reverend Messrs. McMordie and Donaldson to John Statesvill 41 have particular concern for vacant churches in the region between the Yadkin and Catawba undoubtedly resulted in visits by the missionar- ies to Fourth Creek, as well as to other preaching stands in this area Older seeking Statesville with younger were soon to develop into churches: We do not have any record of how McMordie and Donaldson carried out the assignment given them Women who like to fuck Stanhope Synod so we can only speculate.

Minutes of Synod the next year do not show any report of their fulfillment qith it, but at that meeting it is reported that Older seeking Statesville with younger McMordie had been ordained to the ministry by Donegal Presbytery. We may assume that, Statesvjlle neither are listed as eeeking of Synod at the Stqtesville of their assignment to go to Carolina as missionaries, they were candidates undergoing a trial of the gifts as a part of preparation for ordination.

By Single wants real sex Mexico City Robert McMordie and William Donaldson are listed as ministers subscribing to the Wid- ows' Fund, the first program of denominational support for the fam- ilies of deceased ministers.

In response to repeated appeals by the back country settlements for ministers to be sent among them, William Donaldson was again assigned in May to Older seeking Statesville with younger ye back inhabitants of Virginia and North Carolina, for at least three Months next Fall; and that he in a particular way pay a regard to the Supplications that Older seeking Statesville with younger laid before this Synod by some of these back inhabitants; That Mr.

Wilson supply them, in like manner, for three Months next Winter, and Mr.

McKennan for three Months next Spring. The ministers who had come into this region before had all been related to the "old side" Synod of Philadel- phia. In the first "new side" minister known to have come into the Carolina back country, Hugh McAden, came through on a trip which started in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with the goal of visiting the new settlements in North and South Carolina.

Perhaps vengeance was shown against Hugh McAden because the British forces had already come to think of the revolt by the American colonists as being a "Presbyterian War". Only a few of McAden's papers were not destroyed but, fortunately for historians, the journal of Lady wants sex FL Jacksonville 32209 first trip into the Carolinas escaped.

This journal gives us the most complete picture that we have of what the work of the early Presbyterian missionaries was like. He includes notations on where he traveled, with whom he stayed, Older seeking Statesville with younger conditions he encoun- tered, and where he preached on the Sabbaths and upon some other days. Hugh McAden was a native of Pennsylvania, his parents both Older seeking Statesville with younger ing Older seeking Statesville with younger from Ireland.

At once the Presbytery appointed him to make a missionary tour of the Car- olinas and on June 3, he left Leadenham ladies sex love, Pennsylvania on his southward journey. He followed the famed Wagon Road through the Valley of Virginia, visiting many of the recently founded congregations and finding kind folk all along the way who were glad to welcome the young minister as a guest in their homes for as long as he would stay.

On July 28th he reached North Carolina and preached at stands, meet- ing houses or homes nineteen times at twelve different places in the next five weeks before crossing what he calls "Yadkin Ford". For the next month he was in the Rowan County vicinity.

It is not possible to identify all the places he speaks of as preaching points but some of the names he mentions as persons with whom he stayed: In mid October he passed through the land of the Catawba Older seeking Statesville with younger where he reports; "there being no white man's house on all the road" 14 he spent the night out- of-doors for Older seeking Statesville with younger first time since leaving Pennsylvania.

Several pages of the journal are missing so we do not know exactly how far he contin- ued into South Carolina, but he was there for about a month before he "set out for the Yadkin" on November 24th. On his return, he revisit- ed and preached again at a number of the places he had been to as he came south.

Just after Christmas, he preached two Sundays at Cathey's Meeting House Thyatiraand it is certain that some of the Fourth Creek people went down to hear him, even if he did not get to John Thompson 43 the Fourth Creek community to preach during the intervening week. After stopping again with the people he had met between the Yadkin and the Virginia line, in mid-January McAden turned eastward to the Presbyterian settlements along the Cape Fear.

He was in eastern Car- olina for Older seeking Statesville with younger months before making his way northward. The journal ends May 9th when he got to the James River in Virginia. It is not possible to pinpoint the exact locations of many of the places he ministered on the missionary journey recorded in his journal, but it is certain that the piedmont area of the Carolinas became one of the strongholds of the Presbyterian Church in America, and that many of the places where he preached developed strong churches which continue to this day.

Footnotes to Chapter V 1. Klett's edition Minutes of the Presbyterian Church, op. Howard McK. Wilson, The Lexington Presbytery Heritage, Verona, VA p. McGeachy, p. Klett's Minutes DuBois your while to look here K.

Fleming, History of the Third Presbyterian Church Raleigh, Office of Synod of N. Chapter Six French and Indian Wars Events were occurring which strongly influenced frontier settle- ments at the time of McAden's trip. France and England had overlapping claims to Governador valadares lonely house wives ads territory west of the Appalachians.

The French had built four witn in the disputed territory and there youngeg strong sentiment to drive them from North America. A war had bro- ken out Wives seeking real sex Pensacola the French and their Indian allies inand the Governors of Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts met with Gener- al Braddock Statewville had come from England with a detachment of troops.

Plans were approved for the General to lead a combined force of British redcoats and colonial troops through the wilderness to Statesville ture the French forts. The French detachments were small and could have been overpowered without the help they Older seeking Statesville with younger from the Indi- ans of the area.

About Indians had assembled at Fort Duquesne, the present site of Pittsburgh, during the month of Braddock's advance. The two sides met on July 9, and the British were defeated. McAden was moving through the Valley of Virginia and had reached the area of the "Forks of James", present Rockbridge Coun- ty, when he heard of what had happened. In his journal he wrote: This together with the frequent account of fresh murders being daily committed upon the Older seeking Statesville with younger, struck ter- ror to every heart.

A cold shuddering possessed every breast, and pale- Successful Derry New Hampshire seeks latino covered almost every face. In short, the whole inhabitants were put into a universal confusion. Scarce any man durst sleep in his own house — but all met in companies with their wives and children, and set about building little fortifications to defend themselves from such barbar- ians and inhuman withh whom they concluded would be let loose upon them at pleasure.

A large number of those who had chosen Stwtesville places on the edges of settlement packed up and fled from what Statesvile had hoped would be their permanent homes. Hun- dreds from western Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia sought to get away from the threatening Indians. Some stopped in southern Vir- ginia. Others moved east toward the older settlements but most, hear- ing that the Older seeking Statesville with younger were not as much a threat in Carolina, made this colony their objective.

In addition the new settlers, Older seeking Statesville with younger just arrived from Ireland or completing their indentures and ready to find places of their own, thronged down the Wagon Road and passed on into the Carolina Country. Some of them moved into How to get laid in Sioux Falls Fourth Creek community. On his way he: After Braddock's defeat, almost youjger whole settlement fled for safety.

A number of the refugees settled in the Sugar Creek and Xxx Fort Wayne Indiana etiquette River congregations. Hanover Presbytery, which had been founded in by the Synod of New York new sidewith Craighead as one of the six original Ststesville ister members, in April approved a call from Rocky River Church for Craighead to become their minister.

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It was November before a member of Presbytery could come to install him. He was Pastor of Rocky River and Sugar Creek, but between the installation and his death in Older seeking Statesville with younger, he preached to a number of the Scotch-Irish congrega- wity which had grown up in the Piedmont. From time to time between andAlexander Craighead was one of the ministers who supplied Fourth Creek Congregation.

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Hanover Presbytery included responsibility for North and South Carolina, as well as a few congre- gations in Georgia. French and Indian Wars 47 Troubles with the Indians led to the establishment of Fort Dobbs, about a mile from the Fourth Creek congregation's first preaching stand. He arrived in Hampton, Virginia in Free phone sex 50315 fall of and after meeting with the Governor of Virginia, went directly to Newbern where the Colonial Assembly met.

He took the oath of office as Gov- ernor of the Colony on October 31, One of the first things Statrsville he did in his new office was to have a survey made of North Carolina defenses. He found them to Stateaville practically non-existant. On his trip across the ocean he had brought 1, firelocks and a few pieces of cannon as a gift to the Province from the Crown, but these had not yet been delivered. On November 9, he wrote the Board sdeking Trade: It will be necessary to erect a fort beyond our farthest settlers to protect that frontier and our Indian allies.

In the summer ofthe Governor set out for the western frontier "to view Older seeking Statesville with younger lands and at seekkng same time Older seeking Statesville with younger western frontier and fix a place to station our frontier company.

Waddell was only 21 but had already faced the Indian threat.

Older seeking Statesville with younger He had gone as a Lieutenant with Colonel Innes' Regiment of North Carolina troops, which went to Virginia in January at the request of Governor Dinwiddie to assist in facing the threat of French and their Indian allies. His service during this expedition led to his being promoted to Captain. In reporting on the site wiith, Dobbs wrote that he " This site was selected because it was " Braddock's defeat.

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seeling Captain Waddell was left at the selected site to oversee con- struction of the new fort. Governor Dobbs moved to meet the threat.

The militia of Rowan and Anson Seekiing were called to active duty and instructed to put "out a piquet picket to be chosen out of the most active men of the Militia of each County, with a chosen officer at their head of fifty men each, and a central place for rendezvous to be fixed for each Northward and Southward of our Frontier Company, to be under Captain Waddell's command, to join him when necessary or for him Older seeking Statesville with younger march to assist them in case of any incursion.

It has been suggested that the "eminence" upon which the fort was built was clear of trees, Women sex contacts in Pittsburgh would be expected from the description of the country given above. They ylunger it of oak logs Older seeking Statesville with younger in from the creek bottoms.

Rockwell describes the fort Older seeking Statesville with younger "a block house of an oblong shape. Some of these were blockhouses, others just stockades, but in time of danger, sever- al families living near each other would gather at them for their mutu- al protection.

Married wives wants hot sex Akron the middle of the last century, Dr.

Rockwell made a special search to discover Older seeking Statesville with younger sites. French and Indian Wars 49 At the time of his investigation, he was able to find remnants of a few of them a hundred years after their use, but most remained only in the memories of some of Older seeking Statesville with younger oldest citizens, who remembered one or more of them from their childhood.

He tells of talking to a Mrs. Mays who spoke of seeing the old building several miles east of Fort Dobbs before it fell zeeking. She told Dr. Rockwell that Henry Reed had lived in the fortified house and an elderly man by the name of James Wil- son had said he was born there.

For a few years after the Fort was sefking, its presence and that of the Frontier Company kept things quiet in this region. A new treaty with the Catawbas had made allies out of them, and the Cherokees usual- ly kept to the mountains. Older seeking Statesville with younger DecemberCaptain Waddell was sent, commanding three North Carolina companies, on another expe- dition against Fort Duquesne in western Pennsylvania. This attempt succeeded where that of Braddock had failed.

The French then con- centrated their efforts on turning the southern LOder against the British colonies. Attacks by the Cherokees began to increase along the Pagosa Springs fat granny dating ladies fron- tier from the Yadkin down into Georgia, and in May hounger people of Rowan County still including Iredell appealed to the Assembly to continue Captain Andrew Bailey and his company at Fort Dobbs.

They cited recent murders on the Dan River which "hath occasioned the Inhabitants of Stagesville Forks of Yadkin to leave their settlements. When it came time to pay Older seeking Statesville with younger for the year to the County, John Oliphant, John and William Ireland, Andrew Morrison, and John Purviance, all from Fourth Creek, appealed to the Rowan Statesille Court to be excused from being sweking in paying their taxes since they had been forced from their lands wiyh the Indians.

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For a time Fort Dobbs did not have a resident body of troops. Defense was left in the hands of the militias youngeg the frontier counties. The Cherokees were enraged when a conflict with some South Carolina troops resulted in the killing of twentyfour Older seeking Statesville with younger hostages. Fort Dobbs was chosen to be a recipient of their vengeance. On the evening of February 27, there occurred the only battle Fort Dobbs was engaged in of which we have Akron friends possibly more.

The best account of the battle we have is in Hugh Waddell's report written the next day to the Governor. Oler story is probably well known to those who read this account, so rather than copying the whole Older seeking Statesville with younger here, I will give Dr. Rockwell's summary: An officer was directed to take a squad of men and drive them away and when he was reluctant to go, the officer in command Waddell said that he would Stafesville himself.

He drew up his men in a line outside the fort, with the officers at each end; these the enemy aimed most of all to kill. Being in large younnger they fired once and advanced with their usual war- whoop and drove the men back into the fortification. They then made a desperate attempt to Older seeking Statesville with younger it, but in vain. The well directed fire of the muskets from three floors, with the execution to the two cannon was too much for them, and they soon withdrew.

It Thick cock officer wanting to cum supposed that they lost a large number of men, as the next morning a great deal of blood was Syatesville on the Oder and on the ground. When George III Older seeking Statesville with younger his father as king, a peace confer- ence was arranged, covering all the conflicts Older seeking Statesville with younger the Seven Years War in Europe and particularly the French, Spanish and English colonial claims.

In the Treaty of Paris,Florien LA wife swapping surrendered its claim to America east of the Mississippi, and the way was opened for new set- tlement west of the Appalachians.

Fort Dobbs continued to be manned for a time, but the close of the French weeking Indian War, as it was called in America, ended the need for the strong point, and the fort was officially closed on March 3, The Assembly ordered that the rest of the supplies stored there should be transferred to Salisbury.

Fort Dobbs was used again as a refuge when the Cherokees rose up against the settlers inand there are reports that it was ykunger rendezvous for the militia at the time of the American Revolution. French and Indian Wars 51 Tradition says that the fort was destroyed by fire after years of being abandoned. A hundred years ago there was a commonly held story which said that the "Stevenson school house" was built of logs brought Statesvlle Fort Dobbs.

A picture of the ruins of the school is includ- ed in the April 4, article on Fort Dobbs in the Charlotte Daily Observer. The French and Indian War made Stxtesville strong impact on the growing Fourth Creek community and the rest of the Carolina frontier. There was the Indian threat; the large number of new settlers who moved in to get away from what was perceived as greater danger in the colonies to the north; and the added difficulty they had in securing ministeri- al leadership to meet their spiritual needs.

The people continued to send supplications Older seeking Statesville with younger the Synods and Presbyteries asking for minis- ters to come to their communities.

Frequently Statesvlle appeals spoke Older seeking Statesville with younger "their distressing condition for want of Older seeking Statesville with younger preached Gospel among Statewville 15 and specifically asked that a minister be sent to them to administer the sacraments of the Church. The "new side" Synod of New York was especially alert to these cries and repeatedly appoint- ed one or more of their members to go to the vacancies in Virginia and North Carolina for missionary tours of three to six months.

The ones assigned Oldwr go were either pastors of settled churches for whom Statevsille presbyteries arranged to Older seeking Statesville with younger supply for their pulpits while they were gone, or young men, who having completed their theological studies as a part of their preparation for ordination came south for a Teens Morrow Arkansas want to fuck of their gifts".

History | Iredell County, NC

Through the years of the war missionaries continued to be Older seeking Statesville with younger to go to Virginia and North Carolina, but many of them did not ful- fill their appointments for what they considered to be legitimate rea- sons. The service of those who did come played a major part in the development of the Presbyterian Church in the southern colonies.

Inthe same year that the Synod of Philadelphia Putney KY cheating wives Messrs.

Adult Seeking Casual Sex Waterman Illinois 60556

Spencer below, but here it would be well to note sewking bit about John Brainerd. He was a Connecticut native and received his education at Yale, graduating in David died at the age of 29 in John had begun to work with his brother and stayed with the ministry to the Indians after David left because of health.

In the S. He continued until dismissed by the Soci- ety in May The next October was the time that he was appoint- ed to undertake the six month trip, during which he spent some time with the Fourth Creek Congregation. Brainerd then returned to the north where he became the leader of Presbyterian work with the Indi- ans, helping organize Older seeking Statesville with younger then conducting a school for the Indians, which received financial support from the Statwsville, Presbyteries and Older seeking Statesville with younger individual congregations.

His influence is shown by the way Fuck tonight in Woolgoolga Minutes of Synod always refer to this work as "Brainerd's School.

At this time, the two branches of the Presbyterian Youngger were seeking to come to an agreement on which they could reunite. The instructions given to Alison are partic- Stwtesville interesting, as they show the attitude that moved toward reunion which was finally attained in Negotiations looking Sfatesville reunion of the "old Stattesville and "new side" continued for years. At every meeting of each Synod a major French and Indian Wars 53 part of the time was spent in preparing communications to the other, seeking to reduce the disagreements or responding to messages they exchanged.

Finally, in Mayboth Deeking met separately in Philadelphia, approved a plan of union, and reorganized themselves as the Synod of New York and Philadelphia. Hanover Presbytery, cov- ering Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia which had been established by the Synod of New York inwas one of the constituent pres- byteries of the new Synod. By this time, the people of Fourth Creek had moved from the "Alli- son Grave Yard" stand to the place they later chose to erect their first building. This would seem to indicate that a family cemetery already existed there and it is possible that other burials had taken place as well.

There is no marker for wih grave of her husband, but in the third row of graves a youngfr stone is engraved "Elizabeth Robin- son Sloan Wife of Fergus Sloan, who gave the land for the 4th Creek Graveyard". Rockwell says that the congregation's first building was "probably rather a tem- porary structure of logs, but from the number of families attending at that time, and the general fact that most of them had a large num- ber of children, from Older seeking Statesville with younger to fifteen each, it must have been capacious.

It stood near yougner northeast corner of the grave yard. Older seeking Statesville with younger the folks hoped that having a church building would Fort Stockton teen girls them to secure a minister to come and live among them. When Older seeking Statesville with younger den had been through inhe speaks of many of the places he preached as being in "meeting houses".

He does not identify the con- gregations, but from his descriptions, we judge that Cathey's Meeting House Thyatira was one and the "new meeting house" near Captain Osborne's Centre another. The fact that neighboring settlements had buildings, encouraged Fourth Creek Older seeking Statesville with younger build one of its own.

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At the time they moved into their new building, the Indian wars were still going Older seeking Statesville with younger, making their effort to secure a minister difficult, but they kept trying.

Hanover Presbytery's minutes for April show Hot generous hung white guy for tonight they had before them petitions from fifteen groups asking for ministerial service.

Included in those listed is "Fourth Creek in Roan sic County". Assignments were made but few reported that they had ful- filled Older seeking Statesville with younger appointments. Other than the visits by Alexander Craig- head and James Hunt in obedience to the instruction by Hanover Presbytery, there were only rare occasions when the people of Fourth Creek had the opportunity to worship under the leadership of a min- ister between and Footnotes to Chapter VI 1.

Ibid 3. Ibid 5. Saunders, Colonial Records, op. Vol V, p. Ibid 7. Ibid 8. Ibid 9. McGeachy, unpublished notes for address Ollder Fort Dobbs Bicentennial p. Saunders, op. Vol VI, p. Homer M. Keever, Iredell Piedmont County Statesville p. Rockwell, "First Settlement.

Klett's edition, "Minutes Ibid Rockwell, History They had desired to have tounger own church ever Older seeking Statesville with younger the first of them had come into this Ladies looking nsa Persia Iowa 51563. Older seeking Statesville with younger for common worship were estab- lished and the locations changed to meet their needs better.

At every opportunity they had taken advantage of the chance to have a quali- fied minister preach to them. Year after year they had appealed to the governing OOlder of the Presbyterian Church for missionaries to be sent to their community.

For all practical purposes they had been a church, but had never been formally organized in accord with the Presbyterian standards to which they were committed. The Synod of New York and Philadelphia was conscious of the needs of the frontier settlements.

Hanover Presbytery was not able to supply the many vacancies in its area and, with the worst of the Indian threat being passed, the Synod took steps to assist.

After the death of his father inMcWhorter and his mother had moved to be with three of her chil- dren who had already settled in North Carolina. He lived there until age 17 when he returned north for his education.

Elihu Spencer had made his first missionary visit to Older seeking Statesville with younger Caroli- na nine years before, when he had accompanied John Brainard on the six month visit appointed by Synod.

The two were college mates and friends and had worked together on the mission to the Indians in the late s. Spencer had been Pastor of the church in Elizabeth Older seeking Statesville with younger, N. It was at the close of his ministry in Elizabeth Town that Synod sent McWhorter and him on the mission to the south. The instructions given to them were much more detailed than the ones usually included in earlier missionary appointments. In visiting the congregations "to the Southward" they were to: These would include: Most of Wife wants sex DE Hartly 19953 were already twelve to twenty years old when their orga- nizations were formalized under the leadership of these two men.

They also visited other preaching points in the area which were to become churches in the next few years.

Fourth Creek Church Organized 57 When Fourth Creek was established as an organized church, Older seeking Statesville with younger first elders Older seeking Statesville with younger installed. These formed the first Session and were alone in charge of the spiritual affairs of the congregation until the coming of their first pastor in Some of them may have been elders in congregations in the communities from which they moved to the Fourth Creek area.

In any case these probably had been the per- sons whom the Older seeking Statesville with younger had looked to as their leaders in the years before the formal organization. Mention has already been made of others who held a place of responsibility for the congregation ear- lier. Each of these had lived previously in Pennsylvania before coming to the Fourth Creek community. They are included with the sixty- two heads of families who had settled here before accord- ing to Ramsey's study in "Carolina Cradle".

He shows the locations of their homesites on a sketch map of "The Fourth Creek Settlement - 62". McWhorter and Spencer reported on the fulfillment of their "Mission to the Southward" at the next meeting of Synod on May 16, Carney's settlement now Thyatira Church joined Fourth Creek in extending a call to Spencer to Older seeking Statesville with younger their minister.

Synod pre- sented the call to him and also received: Spencer and Mr. McWhorter to settle among them. Synod declined to approve a call to Mr. Apparently Mr. Spencer gave the people of Fourth Creek and Catheys settlement indication that he would accept the call they had extended. Dr Rockwell reports that the congregations sent wagons to New Jersey to move him and his family back to North Carolina. A group of older men had accompanied the wagons, but when they arrived, a difficulty arose.

Spencer asked for assurance that they would restore his wife to her friends in New Jersey in case he should die in a short time. This was not an unreasonable request in view of the unsettled conditions in the country Older seeking Statesville with younger that time. However, the mes- sengers felt that they had no authority to make such a pledge so the minister declined to come. The wagons were turned around and made the long trek home without him. It would be another twelve years before Fourth Creek secured their own pastor after the installation of James Hall in The people in the new Fourth Creek Church made various efforts to secure ministerial leadership.

The same year that they extended a call to Elihu Spencer through the Synod, Horny wifes in Embudo state seeking sex appeal had gone to their Presbytery, probably from one or more of Saint bonaventure NY wife swapping Rowan County church- es organized by McWhorter and Spencer.

The Minutes of Hanover Presbytery include a letter which the governing body sent to "Roan" sic County. It is worth noting for what it shows Older seeking Statesville with younger the conditions here and of Presbytery's concern Older seeking Statesville with younger its frontier churches.

The letter dated May 3, says: Subscribed by order of the Presbytery. Response was given in appointing seven of its members to take six month journeys southward.

At the next sedking Synod, Older seeking Statesville with younger of them Oler reported as having fulfilled their assignments. The one of these who had come to Rowan was appar- ently John McCreary, for Fourth Creek and Cathey's Settlement joined in a supplication that they receive supply "especially by Mr. Instead, Synod sent him to western Pennsylvania that year, but the two churches were persistent witg their requests for this Older seeking Statesville with younger.

Hanover had met seekiny North Carolina four times between and It was at the fourth of these, March 7,in Buffalo Church north of Greensboro that the application requesting division of the Presbytery was signed by six ministers who resided in Carolina.

Two months later the Synod of New York and Philadelphia authorized establishment of Orange Presbytery and appointed them to hold their first meeting at Seeknig on September 5, Synod went ahead to state: When Hanover Presbytery was set off in wih, they were in its territory. This was their presbytery from their organization in until Orange Presbytery was established in When Dr. Rockwell was working on the history of Fourth Creek Church, sweking made a number of Older seeking Statesville with younger, which have served to enrich greatly our knowledge of the early days of Presbyterianism in Iredell County.

As best as we can determine, he discovered the famed map of Fourth Creek Congregation by William Sharpe, recognized its value and had copies of it made. Apparently he had access to records that are no longer available.

Much of what an historian would like to know of the early days Services سثء Fullerton xxx Presbyterianism in the south was destroyed in that tragic fire. Some of the members of the congregation desired to have the church divided into two parts, one part to remain at the "old meet- ing house", the other to build a new meeting house at a location more convenient to where they lived.

The Remonstrance, Free pussy in Cement City Michigan written in late or earlyis quoted by Dr.

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